Friday, December 3, 2010


This kid is friends with the killers.  He is also one of the kids arrested in the brawl that spilled over to the hospital.  The article is here:


In an effort to mobilize a non-violent activist group, there will be a meeting on Monday, December 6th to share ideas on bringing change in our community.  The idea is to use an intelligent discourse to bring unity throughout New London County.  The meeting will be held from 6-8pm at The Bean and Leaf.  All who support such a movement are welcome to attend, regardless of having had any relationship with Matt.

Court Dates and Updates

The defendants will be entering their pleas on these dates:

Idris Elahi- Mon, Dec 13  
Marquis Singleton- Tues, Dec 14 

Rashad Perry- Wed, Dec 8 
Brian Rabell- Wed, Dec 15 
Matias Perry- Thurs, Dec 16
Tyree Bundy- Fri, Dec 17

If anybody has constructive ideas on how to curb violence, places for youths in the community to be active, etc, send your ideas to the Superintendent of NL schools, Mr. Fischer at  Fischer is in his first year as Superintendent and to my knowledge is a great guy who does his job well.  Do not send him hate mail.  If you can be constructive, this is a great way to make your voice heard.


It's good to see that some kids aren't showing blind loyalty to these thugs.  More updates to follow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Matt used to rock this gear, and now we will.  And boy is it fitting.  Show your support for non-violence and send the message that you support Matt by picking up one of these.  They will be worn at court.


Obviously kids in this area get into trouble when they're bored.  But if you think there's nothing to do in NL, try growing up in a place like Ledyard or Montville where there's really nothing to do.  As reported at, the kids didn't kill Matt because they didn't like him; they did it because they were bored.


Spelling Bee Champions

This gives us insight.  This is from a friend of the defendants.  It reveals that not only did they talk about the crime with their friends, but that a lot of these kids hate the English language.  Read the left column first then the right.  Sorry for the haggard images.

Defendant Marquis Singleton's FB Wall Screenshot

Here's a screenshot from Singleton's FB Wall.